Learn to spell over 1,000 common words Suitable for all children, including those with dyslexia

Personalised Learning

Spelling Tutor works at your child's pace, using the latest research to teach spelling.

Words are tested multiple times, with increasingly longer gaps between each test. This transfers the spelling from short-term to long-term memory.

Multi-Sensory Approach

Writing is the best way to learn to spell, so Spelling Tutor dictates words and sentences for your child to write on paper.

Your child then marks their own work, which further reinforces the correct spelling and encourages them to take ownership of their learning.

Teaches 90% of everyday words

Spelling Tutor focuses on the words we use every day, based on frequency of use. It teaches all the words that children are expected to know from Year 1 to Year 7.

It teaches spelling rules, grammar and homophones.

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